Burnout is extremely unpleasant and takes a huge toll on your motivation as well as your emotional and physical well-being.

It basically screws you over!

Yes, it’s easier to sit down and watch tv, gorge out on cr*p food and just ignore the telephone…but you’ll never get back on track unless you take some kind of action.

After all, you’re responsible for your own life, aren’t you?

Millions of people have been where you are today so don’t forget you’re never the first to feel this way.

We are always so busy! We get caught up in the mad ‘day-in, day-out’ and our lives are bound to turn into CHAOS at some point.

It’s natural but not particularly pleasant or convenient when the sh*t hits the fan.

How on earth does anyone maintain a job, relationships, family & friends as well as healthy eating, exercise, self-care, and take care of the kids!?

At some point, we get so busy that we’ve forgotten to take care of ourselves and all our good habits have gone out of the window.  

Without realising it, we’re so stressed out we’ve gone to burnout and back to a ton of bad habits.

Years ago, my full-time job, volunteering, being a Mum, college and trying to stay in recovery from addiction was manageable for a while.  

8 months later I was off work looking and feeling like a zombie!

These are the proven tips I used to overcome burnout:  

  • Plan ahead to avoid overwhelm.

Try and schedule a couple of weeks in advance.  

Prioritise and try to break-down tasks and ask for help from friends, colleagues and family members where possible.

Be accountable for your actions including healthy eating and exercise at all times.

Make sure you get some downtime.  Time to breathe and have fun is essential.  An essential good habit!

Use a  planner to keep things visible: https://amzn.to/2Hc9K96

  • Don’t Multitask!

We just can’t multitask a handful of tasks so why do even bother trying?

Take time to complete each task one by one.

Set some time-out and take a break in between tasks.

You’ll create less stress and it’s a good habit to take a hold of.

Once you start using it in all other areas of your life you’ll really start to notice the difference in other things you do.

Ask others to do certain tasks… you’re not a superhero!!  Sharing is caring!

  • Avoid Social Media

You might think that this is the down-time you need!

It will suck you in and before you know it you’ve been on Facebook for an hour!!

Yes, we do it daily but try to limit it.  It’s definitely not a good habit to be involved in several times a day or when you’re taking a break.

Try checking social media at a certain time every day and get disciplined with the time you allow yourself to sit and flick through endless posts that don’t serve your intelligence!

Use the extra time to complete a task on your priority list, like making a call you meant to make yesterday!

  • Stop Procrastinating!

I didn’t even know what this word meant until my first week in rehab!!

At that time I didn’t know my ass from my elbow and didn’t have a good habit incorporated into my lifestyle.

As long as you make the effort to start one task then the other tasks will start to flow.

I see a lot of new clients contact me when burnout has happened. The first thing I ask them is…have they called a Doctor.  

It’s the first thing I did and I didn’t procrastinate about it.

Just get on the phone and make the call. It’s a good habit to get into.

Your health is top of your priority list.

You are top of your priority list always and there’s no shame in just getting yourself checked out.

If you think you’re ‘good to go’, then start with a shower or get moving on the washing up and put a clothes wash on.

If you’re unable to get started then try to relax or even take a nap. Make another attempt again later in the day.

  • Write your Accomplishments down.

If you feel defeated, it’s a hard feeling to shake off. You might be feeling negative and sick and tired of life in general.

Write down or sit and think of all the things you’ve triumphantly accomplished over the last couple of years.

Think of a time when you really excelled or you were somewhere where you felt really good.

Try a bit of visualisation and see how it helps you to reset your mindset.

This is the sort of good habit you can introduce into your life daily.

  • Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dreams/Goals.

Remember the bigger picture you have and why you have it.

You may not be feeling inspired to take any action but remember why you want to work towards your goals and who you’re taking with you on the journey.

This might just kick your backside of that sofa and get you moving!

Start thinking about the Who, What and Why’s that you want out of life.

This normally kicks me right off the sofa and into another room to get started on the mundane tasks.

Remember that you are capable of achieving anything!

  • Ask for Help.

If you need to call the Doctor, do it now. No procrastinating!

Make sure you inform work of your current situation.

Pick up the phone and talk to a friend or family member.

The more time you sit there in silence the worse things will get.

By now, if you’re still reading this, you will have already taken action!

For years I never asked for help. It took me down to what I call the ‘Hell-Hole’. Not pleasant at all.

Asking for help is a good habit to get into and once you start, you’ll find it easier for any future issues.

You’re not a burden on anyone.

People do like and love you and you’ll be surprised who will help you.

So, these are my tips.

Let me know if you have any of your own tips.

The more ways we can help each other, the better good habits we can all share.

Good habits are the way forward for avoiding anything negative in life, especially BURNOUT!!


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