When stress feels like it’s got a hold of your mind and body, it’s time to take stock and take action.

Identify the stress and reduce it. How?
It’s time to sit down and analyse the areas of your life that are the cause.

Take a look down on your life, as if you were another person looking in on the situation.

What can you identify as being stressful?
How do you think this has happened?
Are you overthinking and overworking?
Do you get enough down-time?
Are you eating a healthy diet and getting enough water?
What about relationship issues?
Spending too much money?
Are you being too hard on yourself?

There are so many factors that can make up your stress picture.
Talk about it with someone close. Get their perspective on the situation. This can often resolve the issue.

If it’s work-related talk to your HR, manager or a colleague.

If it’s down to a relationship issue, then it’s time to talk or walk away.

Are you good with money management? Start to budget. Spend only what is necessary.

Check your diet. Is it healthy? What are you eating? Is water part of your daily routine?

If you’re your own biggest critic, then stop! List your qualities and look back at your achievements throughout your life.

If you really can’t get to the reason behind your stress then it’s time to see a professional.

Stress can seriously damage your mind and your body.
You can help yourself if you take action now! Don’t live with stress.

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