Staying Clean in your First Year of Recovery from Addiction.

In the first few months of my recovery, I was a new person with no idea who I really was going to become. It was almost as though I had to learn everything all over again…but in a better way!

Sounds a little strange because it was!

However, it was the year I learnt all about who I wanted to be and how I could start taking the steps to grow and change.

Despite the extremities of tears to sudden laughter I’ve been clean from addiction for multiple years and still doing a lot of the listed below!

Everyone’s experience is different and your recovery depends on how you work it from now and until the end of your time.

  • You need to put a lot of effort in, be persistent.
  • DO NOT give up EVER.
  • Go to your Anonymous Meetings and connect with others like you.
  • Attend all your other appointments, don’t miss any of them.
  • Don’t run before you can walk. It’s going to take time.
  • Never compare your own recovery to someone else’s and remember that no matter what your drug of choice WAS or how long your clean-time is, it doesn’t matter. We’re all addicts in recovery and we’re ******* amazing to say the very least!
  • Eat healthy and often.
  • Call for support when you need it, no matter what time it is. (Family/Friend/Sponsor)
  • Stay away from old haunts and old friends you ‘used’ with.
  • Sleep when you can. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sleep a full 7/8 hours at night. That will come in time.
  • Try and exercise even if it’s just walking.
  • Buy a plant an keep it alive through your first year.  A little responsibility!
  • Keep busy but not too busy. You don’t need to get chaotic or stressed out.
  • Start a gratitude journal and write in it every evening. A good addiction!
  • Meditate before bed.  I use YouTube. Lights off!
  • Learn something new. Sign up for college, read or do an online course.
  • Make sure your home is a place where you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Be aware of your emotional and physical state…make sure you use your coping mechanisms.
  • Avoid big changes like moving or changing jobs unless absolutely necessary. You have enough going on emotionally.
  • Be kind to yourself. You’ve been through so much and you deserve a lot of TLC in your recovery.

Most of all learn to love the ‘new and amazing’ YOU!

Your new journey is where YOU get to be the very best person that you will ever meet.

Be proud of where you are right now. Keep beating that addict into touch!

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