Bad habit or an addiction?

Bad habit or an addiction?

 A Bad Habit or an Addiction? It's hard to work out the answer to this question. To help you make the decision ask yourself these questions:   1-...

What is a Holistic Counsellor?

What does a Holistic Counsellor do? The word ‘Holistic’ is from the Greek word, 'holos', meaning 'whole' or 'complete'. Holistic therapies approach...

How To STOP Judging Yourself.

The 1 tip that will really make a difference in your life starting right now! How to Stop Judging Yourself. You might believe that you're not worthy...

A new habit!

Start this new habit today... Start as you mean to go on. If you can keep this going for 30 days, you've got a new habit to be proud of. Miss a day?...

You need ‘Me-Time’.

Do you actually have the time to relax after work? You need to make it and I know we can all think up of ton's of excuses but the real priority when...

What I can do for you…

To help you in deciding if working with me is for you, I offer a free Break-Through session. This is an opportunity for us to discuss what’s going...

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