Carrying too much baggage around with you?

How about starting a new healthy habit today?

Excess baggage can be damaging to your health giving you neck-strain and damaging your posture.

Your handbag/manbag should weigh less than 10 lbs.

Never judge a bag by its cover or by the designer label…

Who knows what’s lurking around in the bottom!

Time to show yourself some respect ladies and gentlemen!

Clean up your bag and start a new healthy habit!

  1. Throw out anything you never use. Be ruthless!
  2. Go through your purse and get rid of all the old cards and receipts you don’t need.
  3. Use a mini make-up bag for your essentials.
  4. Keep zipped pockets for your phone, keys and medicines. The safest place for your absolute essentials.
  5. Make sure your sunglasses or reading glasses have their own case – who needs scratches!

Simple things but you’ll feel a lot better moving away from Handbag Chaos!

Make it a new, healthy habit and the first of many!

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