Thinking about creating a ‘healthier you’?

Monday could be a great day to make a start in creating a new healthy habit.

During the week fruit is a quick and easy breakfast.

It that can easily be put into your bag the night before.

There’s no excuse for not making the effort there!

Cereal is great if you have given yourself a time slot in the morning.

How about getting up 10 minutes earlier?

If you find you want a sweeter start to your day you could have an addiction to sugar.

We all need sugar because we’re all different shapes and sizes.

Yet, we all have different metabolisms and don’t all have the same daily habits. The amount of sugar we need will differ.

Sugar power’s your cells and energises your body so don’t stop it altogether. It can be a healthy habit if you control it.

The big question is how do you go about ‘less sugar’ and what type of sugar do we need?

Years ago we would have had our natural sugar from fruit and vegetables.

It was also where our nutrients and fibre came from. Sugar would have been released into the bloodstream in a controlled way over a period of time.

Fibre helped us to feel fuller for longer, reducing the amount of sugar we consumed.

Today, even without knowing we add sugar to our meal-times every day.

Sugar has been reported as being more addictive than cocaine!

Having had sugar, alcohol and cocaine addictions, I believe this to be true.

Some of my clients stated in their first sessions that if they didn’t have their sugar fix, it drove them crazy. I totally get that.

Sugar has been secretly added to hundreds of different foods over the past 20 years.

It’s safe to say most of us may well have an addiction to the sweet stuff without even realising it.

So how do you know you’re addicted to sugar?

8 Signs That You Might Be Addicted To Sugar:

A Sweet Tooth?

You literally ‘crave’ sweet foods.

Eating sugar stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain, similar to the effect that drugs have on the brain.

It makes your body crave, binge and experience withdrawal symptoms when consumption is limited.

Binge Eating High-Sugar Foods.

Like you’d expect from any addiction, the more you have, the more you crave. This can lead to uncontrollable bingeing on high-sugar foods in order to get your ‘fix’.

Each time your body will crave larger quantities in order to get the same ‘high’.

Energy Crash.

When you consume large amounts of sugar your body will attempt to re-balance.

It will produce large amounts of insulin to rid the sugar from your blood as quickly as possible.

In the process, this will leave you with a sudden sugar deficiency.

This can leave you feeling exhausted due to a lack of sugar to fuel your cells.

Withdrawal Symptoms.

Do you experience headaches, feel lethargic and are lacking concentration when you avoid sugar for more than a day or two?

The chances are you’re going cold turkey.

Like any addiction, it’s this reaction in your body that will lead you to crave more to get that ‘feel good fix’ again.

Carbs Are Your Best Friend.

Do you crave starchy carbs like fries, crisps, pasta and bread?

The chances are this is your body trying to gain additional sugar intake from a different source.

This is because simple starchy carbs are quickly converted to sugar in the body. They don’t have much fibre or protein to slow down the breakdown of starches into sugar.

Carbs can cause surges and then energy crashes just like sugar.

Excess Body Fat.

If the body consumes excess energy from food sources, this can be stored as fatty tissue.

It can take a long time for this fatty tissue to break down and provide energy for the body.

It’s best to only consume sufficient sugars needed for everyday activities without the excess which can lead to storing excess fat.

Mood Swings.

The impact of sugar and insulin on your blood sugar levels causes the surges and crashes in energy. It can also cause surges and crashes in your mood!

If you find that you need a constant supply of sugar to keep your mood consistent and happy, the chances are you’re addicted to sugar.

Feeling Tired.

Feeling constantly tired? Then it may well be that you need to cut the refined sugars.

These include white bread, pasta, pastries, pizza dough, white flour, white rice, and many kinds of cereal.

Feeling tired after a busy, active day is normal.

If you’ve spent the day loafing around on the sofa and still feel ready for bed by 7 pm, this could also be one of the reasons. Your body looks for sugar to boost its energy.

Another thing to remember is that without sugar, you’ll feel tired all the time.

If you are concerned…

Try to reduce your daily intake on a gradual basis to prevent withdrawal symptoms from becoming too severe.

Become more aware of the foods and drinks that you consume on a daily basis. Check the ingredients on packaging next time you go shopping.

It’s a healthy habit you’ll thank yourself for!

The average amount of sugar a healthy woman should consume is no more than 6 teaspoons a day. Men no more than 9.

Depending on your activity levels this may be more or less for you.

Try picturing yourself eating these teaspoons of sugar all in one go every time you reach for a chocolate bar!!

Make healthy swaps for your favourite sugar-laden foods and drinks.

Increase your intake of natural sugars to fuel your body by eating fruit.

Slow energy releasing carbs like wholegrain bread and pasta are also a healthy habit to get into.

Don’t forget to fill up on those greens!

Another healthy habit that won’t go amiss!

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