Some of us already work from home and others have the option if we want to.

So, how do you find the right way to work productively from home?

Start your day:

  • Get dressed!  – Sitting in your PJ’s all day will totally ruin the day. You’ll end up lounging around and getting distracted into your home life and mundane chores.
  • Make sure the kids are taken care of.  – If you have kids work around their school hours.
  • What are your working hours? – Make a decision the night before and stick to it. 
  • Try starting work earlier than you usually do. I find I am more productive and focused if I start an hour earlier…I get to finish earlier!
  • Make sure you eat breakfast, it’s the start of a new habit.  There is nothing productive about working on an empty stomach. Make the time.

Create A Comfortable & Organised Space.

  • The sofa is definitely not the place to work –  You’ll work much more productively at home if you’re sat at a table.  If you have a window view of the garden or the sky you will feel more inspired. It’s so much better for your posture as well.
  • Clear your working space. – Clutter gives you a negative workspace and disturbs your concentration.


  • Be disciplined. – Make sure your home phone is silent.
  • No visitors! – Some people think because you’re home you’re going to be available to them. This has to be a definite ‘No.No’.
  • Make sure you stand firm and let people know you are working from home. A two-minute chat with your Mum will completely put you off your working day.
  • No tv, radio or checking personal social media. You know it’s a massive distraction- It can wait!

Schedule & Prioritise.

  • Schedule time slots for priority calls and emails. – Who’s first?
  • Important emails or phone calls 1st? – Do a quick list. Once you’ve got this lot out of the way, you can concentrate on the least important stuff.
  • Any Jobs left from yesterday? – Do they go in your priority list?
  • Check any business social media accounts for potential clients.
  • Keep ahead on your accounts/billing.

Contact Your Clients/Colleagues For Updates.

  • Get updates from your Colleagues. – Ensure you make them aware that you need to be kept up to date throughout the day and vice versa. It’s a must if you want to be ‘on the ball’ with your role in the company. Just because you haven’t been in the office doesn’t mean you’re not up to date. 
  • Update your Clients. – Regular phone calls and updates to Clients can keep up and improve relationships as well as drum up some new business!

Take Regular Breaks.

  • Make sure you schedule 3 breaks throughout your day. – 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm are my favourites. Even if I simply grab some fruit or a coffee, I’m re-energised and happy to get back to work.
  • Try and move away from your home office space to a different room for your breaks or go outside for some fresh air.
  • 10 minutes breaks are great and a 20-minute lunch is usually long enough. Any more and you might not get back to your work. 
  • Make a point to get up and move around every hour.
  • Set a timer to go off when it’s time to get up and stretch yourself out.
  • Not taking breaks may leave you feeling agitated, stressed and lacking focus. It’s then possible you’ll lose the plot and stop working!

Focus on Your Achievements at the End of the Day.

  • Access if it was worth the effort. Were you working productively from home?
  • If it was, then congratulate yourself for getting through the day! A day without opting out to do chores, chatting, watching tv or running off to do a shop before anyone else gets home!
  • If you gained from it, then schedule a day in next week!
  • Reward yourself. Yes, you!  You need a little ‘me-time’ now!

© 2019 Life Coach – Kate May | Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

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