Many believe that men should always open the door, pay all the bills and buy chocolates and flowers
on a regular basis.

There are also women that expect to be showered with gifts and treated to umpteen holidays every

Not all women are like that, I know but more and more are showing up with those expectations..

The pressure is huge on millennial men. I have never encountered such demanding women as the twenty-somethings!

Men don’t need such high expectations from women. After all, it’s only in the last few years that men have been encouraged to speak out about their

The saying ‘Man Up’ really doesn’t serve guys today. Men have feelings! You’re not cavemen anymore.

You also have rights to live a life you want to live.

You guys have to stick together.
Support each other and stand strong.

Many men are still suffering in silence.

If you think a friend or acquaintance is going through a hard time:

1. Ask how they are doing
2. Listen without judgement
3. Encourage action
4. Check-in regularly

You never know when you could help take the pressure off someone and be that kind soul that
makes all the difference.

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