A Bad Habit or an Addiction?
It’s hard to work out the answer to this question.
To help you make the decision ask yourself these questions:
1- Have you given up other things to indulge in your bad habit?
2- If you continue with this habit will it cause problems with your      relationships?
3- Does your habit cause problems with your finances?
4- Do you have withdrawal symptoms when you stop your bad habit?
5- Do these symptoms cause anxiety, depression and anger?
If you answered ‘yes to all of these questions then you’re more than likely addicted rather than just having a ‘bad habit’.
In which case, my recommendation is that you seek medical help sooner rather than later.
You’ll need to be supported as addiction is very rarely beaten alone. Take it from me from my own personal experience.
If you want to change, then you’ll need to be determined and you’ll have to be dedicated and persistent.
There’s no easy way to walk away from either of these issues.
Yet, if you believe it’s going to change your life for the better, then you’re ready to make a start.
That where I can help.
Any questions then please contact me.  I will always signpost you in the right direction.
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