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How to Stop Judging Yourself.

You might believe that you’re not worthy of a good life or a job promotion.

Maybe you think that you aren’t pretty enough and that you will always be single.

You may even believe that you will never be free of your bad habits and that you’re useless in lots of ways.

It might even be that you think people are always talking about you.

There are so many judgements that we cast on ourselves but these thoughts simply aren’t true.

Everyone has thoughts like this so you’re NOT alone!

I spent years judging myself and then with a lot of help and support, I learnt to get to know myself again and I started to like what I saw.

Over time I loved who I had become and I learnt how to show myself some respect and that’s the key.

You have to start to learn to show yourself some respect.

Give yourself some slack and made a note of all your good qualities.

Stop picking out the bad and imagined stuff!

Write these qualities down and ask family members and friends what they think. You’ll be surprised what comes up.

Yes, negative stuff will pop up and it might hurt but you can learn from that.  After all, life is always going to be a lesson.

Refer back to these good qualities every week. Set aside some quiet reflection time.

As a result of this you will learn to give yourself some self-respect and with that comes self-love. It’s something you owe to yourself.

Remember your qualities and ignore your negative judgements.


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