As a Personal Success Coach, my focus is on helping businessmen to discover a life beyond business.

Business is extremely important but do you feel frustrated with your personal life?

The men I work with want to stop existing and start living again.

Have you lost your spirit and you feel alone?
Are your emotions hijacking your mind?
Maybe you’re struggling to get through the day.
Are your relationships suffering?
Do you want to attract the right lady into your life?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Have you lost your confidence?
Anxious or depressed?

You might be thinking that time has passed by you by.
Are you’re left standing feeling a little envious of what appears to be everyone else around you living a great life?


This is where I can help.

I previously worked in the construction trade for over 30 years alongside 1000’s of men.

Over the years I became the ‘go-to’ for their problems.
I was always happy to be the listening ear and help with solutions.

As you can imagine, I learnt a lot about men and the issues they come up against.
So why not put that knowledge and experience to use!

Back in 2012, I started out on a new career.

I am qualified as an NLP Coach & Practitioner, in Hypnosis, Holistic Counselling and Time Based Techniques.


Would you like to see a more vibrant, happier and confident you staring back at you in the mirror?

What if I told you that in a few weeks you could be doing exactly that?

It’s time to get your personal life back on track, find clarity and freedom.
Rediscover your passions and start feeling alive again.

In learning new techniques and strategies you will have the motivation to define new goals and
change your life for the better.

Confidentiality Assured.

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The Benefits:

As we work together you will discover things about yourself you have never noticed before.

It will bring out the very best in you and you’ll be amazed how different you will feel as you go through your sessions.

Are you ready to:

  • Improve the way you think and control your emotions
  • Improve your relationships
  • Work on what’s holding you back
  • Work on your confidence
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Build your inner strength.
  • Create a healthier and happier you
  • Stop existing & start living


Before you click away from this page – consider the amazing changes you could make to your life.

Imagine your life totally transformed.

Book a Call below and I’ll share some insights as to how you can move forward.

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